Lush Vanilla Fountain Review

So the one massive benefit about being so poorly is that all I really had to do for entertainment was browse the lush kitchen every morning and take my pickings. Not sleeping is great when you know that new products are being released at 8am, it really is a treat. The best thing is I’d never been such an avid follower of the kitchen, but now I have a steady stream of deliveries and more on the way. Although I do need to give it a rest as I am now broke af.

So here it is, the vanilla fountain bath bomb, I ordered two of these predicting that I would love them. They retailed at £3.95 exclusively on the Lush Kitchen.

Anyway, I was pretty excited about the vanilla fountain when I saw it as vanilla is one of my favourite scents. I was not disappointed, the scent of this is amazing!! Very strongly vanilla and to be honest is completely what you would expect, sweet and not too overpowering.

I was a bit disappointed with this bath bomb however. The scent was fairly strong out of the bath but as soon as it got into the water the scent was lost, strangely enough I couldn’t smell it on my skin either. It did however make my bathroom smell like it for a few hours after using?! So strange. Also visually the bath bomb was a bit of a flop, although to be expected looking at it, plain cream it simply plunged to the bottom and fizzed out a very pale yellow. I also found that the water wasn’t that soft and moisturising? Maybe the sandalwood isn’t the greatest.

Although I was a bit disappointed I would probably buy this again to use with another product. I can imagine it would be amazing with a honeybee bath bomb or a milky bath bubble bar.

IMG_1456               IMG_1457IMG_1468


I’m nearly not dying!

Hey there peaches,

So sorry it’s been so long I have been pretty ill. So I think I posted a photo of my face a while back? Pretty gnarly, bye bye dreams of a beauty blogging life haha! I didn’t quite realise how gnarly the photo was, pretty out of it on meds etc.

Well anyway, long story short I absolutely stacked it on my bike and went head first into a metal barrier. Ouch. Everything is healing slowly, theres two pretty bad scars on my forehead which has really affected my confidence at the moment. They will be there forever I guess I will get used to them in time, very sad though. Have had issues with my legs, my finger and my shoulder as well so has been hard getting round, for a few days I couldn’t even see properly my face was that swollen.

So yeah, don’t go fast down hills on bikes kids…

Back to blogging anyway, I’m hoping doing something and being positive will keep me from being down as I have been waaaaaaay down and have barely left the house.



Lush Golden Wonder Review

i6pkd2l Hello peachies! Sorry it’s been a while! WOW WOW WOW! I have definitely found my favourite bath bomb, the weird thing is I had one of these at christmas but I just can’t remember loving it this much?! Pictured to the left is Lush’s christmas special edition bath bomb the golden wonder. RRP £3.95

Okay so can we all just take a minute to appreciate how beautiful the design of this bath bomb is, it is so cute! Designed to look like a little christmas present it is gold and shimmery with a white bow. Super cute.

The scent of this is absolutely gorgeous, it smells like the snow showers jelly that did the rounds a while back. Containing orange and lime oils it is refreshing, zingy and citrusy to smell. My favourite type of scent! Used my celebrate body lotion after this and the smell was really nice and intense I could smell it on myself all day.

The best thing about this bath bomb is that it is amazing in the bath, layer after layer is ‘unwrapped’ as the bomb fizzles away and reveals new goodies. There are various colours and layers until the turquoise  middle which turns the water a beautiful and vibrant hue of blue. There are supposed to be little gold stars inside but I didn’t see any 😦 I have a few more in storage though so if I catch any I will upload some more photos. I hope to high heavens that Lush bring this back next year, it is beautiful.



Yaaaaay so this morning my Lush Kitchen delivery came :). About an hour after this arrived I also got an e-mail saying that they had dispatched my next kitchen order. And I got some samples too yay. I love how the boxes always arrived perfectly packed, smelling gorgeous and always with these cute polaroids.

Also the smell of the dirty shower gel is AMAZING, I definitely want to purchase a full size of this, and that’s before I’ve even used it!

So I ordered the Banana moon soap, the Strawberry boat shower smoothie and the after tango foot mask. The After Tango foot mask smells absolutely amazing, really fresh and zingy, I definitely prefer the smell to my Volcano foot mask and can only wish that this was the permanent foot mask.

When I opened the strawberry boat shower smoothie it really wasn’t what I was expecting, the ginger smell is a lot stronger than I thought it would be and the overall smell reminds me of a malt strawberry milkshake. For some reason I thought it was going to be very sweet and overpoweringly strawberryish. I will be reviewing all these products soon I just wanted to share what had arrived whilst some stuff is still available in the kitchen in case anyone wanted to order some of it.


Lush Skydancer Bath Bomb


Okay well I have been saving this bath bomb for ages which might have actually ended up causing me a problem! The bath bomb is called Skydancer, far from the maddening guns. I know it’s fairly lengthy, but it is a special bath bomb, I mean just look at it. It’s beautiful.

This bath bomb was released for a very short amount of time last summer in order to raise funds to support the tagging of endangered hen carrier chicks. This scheme, called Skydancer was/is run by RSPB in the hope that they will be able to save this species from becoming extinct.

The bath bomb sells at RRP £3.95

The scent of this is very fresh and citrusy, I could really smell the lemon within the bath bomb. The essential oils used within this bath bomb are lemon, bergamot and cinnamon so there was a really unique spicy and citrus smell.

So this bath bomb took absolutely ages to dissolve and I think I ended up ruining it for myself, oh lord no my impatience strikes again. I have had a few issues with some of my older bath bombs not dissolving very well anymore, I thought I had figured this out as I had been keeping them in the bathroom so the moisture in the air was damaging them. So when I dropped this one in and it was fizzing away very very slowly, I figured it was a dud, removed it and ran the tap over it.

I now feel like an absolute idiot as after watching a demo online I realise this bath bomb actually just takes it’s time and if I had of left it, I would have been able to see the amazing visual of a blue bird flying across the water. Well never mind, looks aren’t everything.

This bath bomb makes the water extremely yellow, not the nicest colour I have ever seen a bath but it does leave a nice white foamy layer with little bits of pale yellow in it which are very pretty. The water is extremely soft and moisturising thanks to the essential oils and leaves skin smelling fresh and feeling fine after a bath.

Lush Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar

So I have somehow managed to accumulate two of these but after using it for the first time today I am super glad because it is amazing! Massage bars are one of my favourite products from lush because they feel like a treat.


These are a permanent lush product and retail at RRP £5.95. Available online and in store.

This is a really cute looking little massage bar, A lovely pale pink colour and moulded into the shape of a strawberry with some detailing to make it look like the cute little fruit.

Obviously the main smell of this bar is strawberry however the scent of this massage bar reminds me of the smell of a lush shop. When I used it my skin and everything around me just smelt like that first blast of smell when you walk into a lush shop.

Trade shea butter, and extra virgin olive oil are in the massage bar which makes for a really moisturizing and nourishing experience on the skin. What’s really nice about this massage bar as well is that it doesn’t feel too greasy and dries up fairly quickly leaving the skin feeling soft.

To use simply rub the bar over the skin and product will melt off on to the skin due to the body heat. Then massage the product into the skin. I really like to take the time to sit somewhere quiet and light a candle when I use this product. Really use it as a time out and relaxation activity.

Buy Here




Lush Luxury Pud Review

Hey Peachies, how you all doing?

Lots of posts today as I finally have some time and am trying to slowly tackle and review my whole lush collection but it just keeps growing! Definitely have an addiction, there should be treatment for it! Then again there are much worse things that I could be doing. This bath bomb has definitely helped me through a hangover today what an absolute trouper.

So this is the Lush Luxury Pud bath bomb and is always around at Christmas. It is a limited edition so if you want to find this at the moment you would have to look for a swap sell or trade of some sort. This is how I obtained mine and unfortunately is the reason it is a little battered bless it’s soul. RRP £3.95


Bless it’s pour soul it is so battered! As you can see it is pink and white and features a variety of multi coloured polka dots all over the bath bomb. If anyone remembers this used to be purple I think? The best thing about this bath bomb is that it shares the scent of the twilight bath bomb which of course smells absolutely amazing.  As with all the twilight scents the main ingredient is Lavander which is known for it’s sleep enhancing properties, so if you struggle with sleeping well then a bath in this before bed would really help relax.

This bath bomb makes the water a shocking pink and I found I had to have a very deep bath for the water to mix the colour well enough. I did have a slight pink tinge from the colouring of the bomb when I got out however it washed off when I showered so was not a problem. Just don’t be alarmed if this does turn you pink it doesn’t actually stain so you will be alright.

The best thing about this bath bomb besides the scent has to be how beautiful it looks simmering away in the water. All the seperate coloured polka dots make really nice streaks of orange, blue and green, contrasting with the bright pink.

The one downside of this bath bomb is that it is not very moisturising. I usually find with most lush bath bombs that the water is really soft and makes my skin smooth however this one didn’t moisturise that well and in fact I felt like it dried out my skin a bit, I had to use moisturiser afterwards however, I usually use moisturiser so it wasn’t particularly a problem.

If you can get your hands on one of these I would recommend it purely for the visual and the scent.